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The Content CAT creates your voice and attracts your audience.

The Content CAT provides Content development, Communications And Translation services to corporations and individuals looking to define and/or adapt their online voice and expand their global reach.

With particular focus on tailored content development, The Content CAT listens to your needs and generates content in perfect alignment with your corporate vision, mission, and values, providing you with a clear and precise platform for communicating with your market.

Tired of seeing badly translated websites when you search for products or services online? The Content CAT also provides translation services from Spanish, French and Catalan into English to ensure that you project a concise and comprehensible message to each market that you are targeting.


• Corporate blogs
• Presentations
• Websites
• Press releases
• Corporate literature

• Newsletters
• Annual reports
• Academic articles
• Magazine articles
• Short stories


What I Offer

The creative solution to online content development and multilingual communications.


To provide businesses and organisations with a crisp, direct, and customer-oriented voice, ensuring effective reach and communication with their desired target audience.


To develop trustworthy and reliable content and to continuously strive for quality and continuous improvement.

Core values

I consistently uphold my core values of honesty, transparency, and authenticity, delivering reliable and knowledgeable content with a continuous commitment to improvement. I prioritize integrity, foster meaningful connections, and infuse every interaction with the human touch.


I have the pleasure of working with Cat directly on a weekly basis. She helps me in managing both our translation agency and our internal team of proofreaders and she does it spotlessly (which is impressive given that we work with more than 10 languages!).

We needed a person to create order, procedures and to manage third parties, someone we could count on - and she is doing all of this! Her precision, excellent communication, transparency, constant availability, and last but not least, the smile on her face, make working with her easy and pleasant!

Claudia Ceragioli, Product Marketing Manager at European Bartender School

Catrin is a hard-working and hands-on professional. She constantly shows her adaptability, creativity as well as learning and innovation capabilities. Very good team player, highly result-oriented and reliable. Working with her is totally recommended!

Veronica Montesinos, CEO a co-founder Dana

Cat is a very hard-working and pro-active asset for any company who needs high level translation services.

Ferran Vilaseca, Link Lawyers S.A

Cat is by far my preferred content writer: high quality content, on time delivery and always with positive vibes! Definitively the right choice!

Loic Malsch, Language & Friends (

Catrin is a very good team worker, with extraordinary language and organization skills. I would highly recommend her for any position or work that would need those skills.

James Sene, Community Banking, Clean Energy, Social Justice

In 2014 I had the good fortune of using Cat's services while in need of an accurate English to Spanish translation under less-than-ideal circumstances in which there was no room for inaccuracy or delay. Text for a website had to be translated quickly with Cat having received very little prior notice. Having some familiarity with how laborious the process of translations can be, I was taken aback by Cat's rapid turnover time, extremely precise work and how smoothly the process went overall, even regarding cost. If the situation calls for precise attention to detail and meeting deadlines with ease, then I can't emphasize enough how valuable an asset Cat is.

George Caralis, Commercial Supply Broker

Cat is an exceptional and consistent writer that provides invaluable content and we have been delighted to work with her for 3 years and counting

Kylie Grant, US Content & Outreach Marketing. Factorial HR

I cannot recommend Cat enough. Her exceptional talent, attention to detail, commitment to deadlines, and collaborative approach make her an invaluable asset. It is truly a pleasure to work with someone of her calibre, and I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on our projects.

Maria Moreno, Cyberclick

My clients

Providing content development and translation services to my clients.

• Companies looking for copywriters to write SEO-focused corporate blog posts

• Companies and individuals looking to create content for their websites

• International companies looking to translate their websites from Spanish, French and Catalan into English to expand their reach in the global market

• Clients looking for general translation services (Spanish, French and Catalan into English)

• Clients looking for internal translation project management services

• Individuals looking for ghostwriting services (English)


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The Content CAT is a content development, communications and translation service founded by Cat Symonds, an imaginative linguist with in-depth experience and a passion for creative writing, translation and online communications.

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